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Eat My Trash app

Ensuring home recycling is sleek, easy and efficient for all Londoners.

London-focused app tackling common home-recycling challenges to ensure everyone can live an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Your days are busy - we understand. So despite best intentions, caring for the environment might not always be up there on your list of priorities! That’s where Eat My Trash comes in as your fast, fuss-free pocket guide to getting savvy with waste.

Did you know that 80% of the rubbish we chuck away could actually be recycled instead?

The more we recycle, the less waste that ends up in landfills, which means lower rates of dangerous gases being released into the atmosphere.


How does it work?

Using the in-app scanner, simply scan your packaging’s barcode to discover what can and
can’t be recycled. Find out how to sort rubbish properly so you can live an eco-friendly


Download the app

Get the IOS version of app with lightweight guidance of how to make your home recycling simple.


Select the borough

Recycling rules are different in London, depending on which borough you are in.


Scan the barcode of package

Scan the barcode of item package you'd like to recycle. Please note: we currently are yet supporting limited number of supermarkets.


Get the guidance 

Get a quick guidance on this packaging recycling in your borough

On mission to help Londoners get to grips with recycling  

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